As long as we needed to drive 50 miles

Dan took off from work this Monday to see to car chores. Our mechanic suggested driving with a catalytic converter solution to see if the check engine light would go off, we needed to drive 50 miles.

So Dan decided that since Pergatory Chasm State Reservation was 30 miles away or so, he’d take M and K, on a picnic, with gluten in it. Ben stayed home to do physics homework, I wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed home too.

Start of the trail

K climbing rocks in Purgatory Chasm

M leaning on a stick in Purgatory Chasm

Rocks with K for scale
Rocks with K for scale








K says this was the wall of the cave.

M by a stream with mossy rocks


This formation was called Fat Man’s Misery.


Only K could walk through without turning sideways.


“If you looked out over one side, it went down and down and down.” says K.

And the car?

The check engine light came back on again.

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