Our Last Half Week of Summer

We decided to use a week of Dan’s time off to – catch up on projects. He’s cleaning his desk and getting planning ahead for leading Prayer meeting at church through the Fall, We’ve finally gotten K into her new room, and it’s the boy’s turn to go through their stuff to give away; throw away; put away.

I hope they survive.

I hope I survive.
They haven’t done this since just before K was born when they moved into their room in the first place. An awful lot of yard sales, book sales and Christmases have passed, and boy do they have clutter.

Of course, they are the only ones who know what is clutter, and what is a priceless memento – so I can’t do this for them. At the same time, they really don’t feel a need to sort through their stuff, maybe for their brother to sort through his stuff so they can get to their own stuff…but not to go through their own stuff…
We want to make Ben’s desk in the workshop into M’s desk, because Ben is a peripatetic student, using the desk as a flat surface to pile things on, and taking a backpack to the library or a clipboard to an easy chair; while the way M leaves his grammar notes spread out on my sewing desk, he’s a desk guy…?
I sure hope this is ultimately fair.

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