Butternut Squash and Great Fruit for Breakfast {p,f,h,r}

round button chicken


We’ve been spending Thursday afternoons at Capron Park, not so much on the monkey bars or zoo (our membership ran out) but making up hide and seek games in the oak trees, climbing around the base of the Civil War memorial (and the Spanish American War memorial, I’ve never lived in a town with one of those before) and running through the fancy paths in the rose garden – which still has roses in it thanks to the stone wall and semi-sunken placement.

Rose at Capron ParkActually, M and K and their friends have done all the running.  I’ve been on the grass stretching when I remember to exercise, writing in notebooks and knitting when I haven’t.  Ben joined us one afternoon before band rehearsal and was about as active as I was.

Ben reclining on the grass at Capron ParkHappy

Have I mentioned the lab cat George, at Dan’s work?  He’s friendly, cuddly, and a bit disreputable, one ear torn up, semi-feral attitudes to medicine, healthy cat-food, and grooming.  I love getting to pet him on Wednesdays when I drop Dan off at work so I can have the car to drive Ben to flute lessons, and pick up groceries before Market Basket is mobbed (I could do it on Saturdays, but I’m not brave enough to deal with the crowds).

Christine holding George the Cat at Dan's officeFunny

K and her fancy foods!  We saw an online documentary about bento boxes, and she wanted to make some too.  The fad has faded a bit, but the rice balls with seaweed were the hit.  I think everyone liked the look of hot dog octopuses, but not eating them cold.

K arranging carots in bento boxesThis morning at breakfast, K wanted butternut squash, boiled, not made into soup.  Never one to turn down a veggie request, I cut the top off, peeled it, boiled it, and served it with butter, salt and pepper (K said it was good with butter, but didn’t need any salt.  Did she notice and like the pepper?)

S6307118And she ate a good amount, for her, for breakfast.

K eating butternut squash for breakfastReal

After I made the butternut breakfast, I eagerly ran to the e-mail, because; maybe the editors who have probably rejected my knitting submissions have decided to alert me of that fact so that I can stop wondering when they will and move onto being sad about it. (Don’t ask me to parse or diagram that sentence.)

K meanwhile discovered the great fruit that I bought yesterday because it smelled good, and thought that maybe this week I would eat it in the afternoon for a snack as I always imagine I will when I’m in the produce department feeling virtuous. (Don’t ask me to parse or diagram this sentence either.) K asked Dan to cut it up for her so she could try it, but they weren’t sure how.how Daddy and K cut up the greatfruit while I was reading e-mailI guess I need to work on getting everyone else to actually eat and enjoy great fruit so they know how to cut it up?

It was fresh and juicy, and K forgave it for being as sour as a pickle.  The boys weren’t so sure, but Dan may have become a fan.

I think I’ll go check my e-mail, maybe there is news from an editor.  Maybe they said yes!

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