{p,f,h,r} Over the River and Through the Woods


M liked Mommom’s windows so much, he took 5 photos, so he could copy them onto his minecraft world once we got home from their new house in Lancaster, PA.M photographed these window decorations so he could copy them into Minecraft


We’ve been continuing to enjoy Capron Park in the afternoon. If it was a choice between finishing lessons, and getting sunshine, we went to the park. I long for light in December.
M hanging from monkey bars

M philosophically hanging from monkey bars

M and K have been getting ambitious with the monkey bars, but they still like the grass and shrubs best for their mysterious games.M and running at CapronPark

They have tried to explain their “Squirrel Game,” but it’s complex. It seems to involve a lot of sneaking and pine cones, other than that, I have no idea.K hiding by the Spanish American War Memorial while Playing Squirl with M
Anything that keeps them running and quiet is a good game!

Putting K's laminated paper boat into the 10 mile river

the stump and stone in the parkThis stump seems to hold mystery for the children of Attleboro, whenever we come by, there is a new pile of acorns for hiding in the hole in the center. I think the last kids were playing at smashing things.

Lots of cookie prep lately.
M cutting out sugar cookies

I’m so glad the kids are old enough to make rolled cookies.
gf sugar cookies on tray

and young enough to enjoy it!
K cutting out small gf sugar cookies

Sometimes I feel like I’m tricking them into doing the part of holiday baking I don’t like.
M's hands with gf sugar cookies

M and K making sugar cookies

We got to see the Schelps when we visited Dan’s parent’s over Thanksgiving.

K playing ball with friends

Bets, Rich and Dan

Schelp Ladies

Mommom and Daddad’s new house is lovelyMommom and Daddad in their new kitchen

The kitchen is (thank goodness!) lacking a “coveted corner.” The flow is much, much better than in the old house.Daddad and Ben setting the tableand the table nook has a lovely view, and great light.

M blowing Dan away in a game of Ignis

putting up Mommom's Christmas tree

christmas tree box

tree half done

M made a chess board the other night with various building toys. He consulted with everyone about how to portray the pieces.
M's Chess Board

large view of M's chessboard


I now have a new method for making sure K eats her breakfast; let her eat it in a table cave.
K eating breakfast under the kitchen table

I wanted to clean the icing mess up after we got tired of decorating the sugar cookies, but K insisted that I leave it all out so M and Ben could use the icing when they got home from choir rehearsal (Ben sings Bass, M is temporarily with the sopranos)
M decorating sugar cookies at 9:20 PM after choir practice

M told me, “K is so loyal.” Then he and Ben cleaned up the kitchen for me so I wouldn’t have to worry about it at breakfast time.


We say around here that Christmas begins when Mommom’s Hickory Farms box arrives for Dan. She gives him sausage, cheese and fancy mustard every year, even though she herself eats vegan.Dan's Hillshire Farms box, the start of the holidays

When she found out that Dan usually told the kids to go ahead and dig into the box even though he was at work, she insisted that we not do that anymore.
vultures gathering over nuts

But I think Dan felt like he was surrounded by vultures when he did open it.
hands begging for sausage

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