Day 1 after Molar Extraction

Today started like a middle school fantasy novel: both parents somewhat distracted, kids slightly supervised, with a little more responsibility than usual.  It was time for the magical creature to show up, but all they got to do was watch David Macaulay’s Cathedral video.  Ben is taking M and K to the park right now.

So why are we a bit out of it?  I had a tooth pulled yesterday.  It went fine.  My back actually hurts more than my head – M told me that the orthodontist told him he didn’t need to get his head in the headrest, but he really did need to get his back in the right spot.  Hopefully I won’t need to remember that.  Dan kindly stayed home a bit this morning so I could wake up slowly; even though he has two project deadlines looming and the lab is being inspected by their accrediting agency.

So, my job is to rest.  It’s kinda fun, and kinda boring.  Hopefully I get some school in with M and K tomorrow – they seem to feel the same way about it as I do, heavier on the boring side.


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