Yeah, I meant to do that…?

Last week I was organized enough to go swimming at the Y before Dan needed to drive to work.  But the time change hadn’t happened  yet, so I needed a flashlight to walk down the hill.  As I was rummaging in the car door for one, Ben hopped into the passenger seat and said, “Oh thanks Mom, now I know I’ll catch the train.”  Well all righty then, I guess I was going to drive to the Y by way of the train station, of course.  It turns out driving is easier for getting to the Y if it’s dark outside.  Maybe I will become one of those people who drive to exercise at places within walking distance…ick.

Not exactly related, but the Forgotten Classics podcast is starting to read E Nesbit’s the Magic City, and besides it being a fun E Nesbit read with sly math thrown in, the main character is home educated.


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