Daisies, lilies and hosta leaves

It has been overcast, hot and wet this week, we’ve had flash flood warning most days, but so far my down the hill neighbors are fine.

In the spirit of “overcast sun is better than no sun, let’s go for a walk.”  Matt, K and I have been walking.

I bored Matt by taking photos of the neighbor’s gardens – but it helped me get outside, so I was unrepentant.

I’ve been thinking of how you make floral repeating patterns on shawls.  Coreopsis actually looks like a floral fabric with the mix of unopened buds, full flower faces and half turned ones.

Liatris and daisies would be harder to arrange on a shawl, because they spread outward and upward, but shawls contract towards the neck.
I love the translucent poppies someone planted in their community garden allotment.

Kari’s bed is amazing.  It’s the first time we’ve ever had a lot near the river (it doesn’t dry out and bake like the ones we had near the road did) but it’s been a cool, wet summer, so not much is drying out and baking anywhere.  What a difference to have my youngest child grab me to go weed her darlings with her, instead of me grabbing my youngsters, keeping them out of the road while cajoling my older ones into weeding my darlings!

She has a tomato set on, and a potato in bloom – who knows what the roots are doing, it’s kind of exciting.

Only 1 of the 6 giant pumpkin seeds germinated, but it’s a big vine, and pushing out of the raised bed, and out of the 3 sisters scheme.  Maybe next time she tries a giant pumpkin, we’ll put the corn and beans somewhere else.

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