To Do List for Monday after a weekend of Missions conference at church

This weekend Dan had a headache/fever that was bad enough he just went back to bed, skipped evening church and a pot luck supper.
Since it was a busy church weekend following a busy social one (and I am behind on my bread and butter notes!) our house is cluttered, which won’t help Dan’s head at all when he gets home from work.

We tried out a new art book for drawing lesson this morning, exploring various uses of drawing pencils despite Matt’s headache which rivals Dan’s.

Now What?

  • organize K’s lessons
  • work with Matt on algebra
  • hang up the new academic goals for this week from the print outs in the Get Organized! Notebook
  • wash dishes
  • sort the clean laundry
  • put away the clean laundry
  • since Matt has noticed he’s outgrowing his clothes, ask him to sort out the too smalls to give away (or throw away if they are too loved)
  • tidy the workshop
  • vacuum
  • work with Ben on the school bill paperwork snag this afternoon when he gets home on the train
  • write tomorrow’s grocery list
  • make supper
  • get outside in the fog for a walk

I want to skip the school and clean…no I want to skip it all and take a walk…or maybe a nap.

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