How do I homeschool when I’m taking pain killers?

How do I homeschool when I’m taking pain killers?

I fractured another tooth.  I suspect that a third is in trouble.  My dentist is sad because it’s hard to predict, and doesn’t make much sense that I’m having this problem when my teeth look strong and healthy – Celiac and GERD.  I keep telling them it’s not their fault.  They’ve talked me into spending $ on a night gaurd.  (Oh yeah, I also grind my teeth in my sleep and set off my TMJ)  Either it’s the meds, or lack of sleep, but I’m having trouble with proper nouns, reading aloud, speaking, and staying awake.  And I’m sad that I’m not supposed to eat crunchy nuts anymore.

So…today I’m picking up my tutoring jobs, but praying for wisdom and grace because I still feel yucky.  How much should I attempt?  Which things should I attempt?  What is OK to let slide without endangering my kid’s learning?  Am I delegating enough to them?  Am I leaving them to navigate too much without support?

Dan had already scheduled his use them or lose them days off for this week (around Rhinebeck), so he’s home.  I didn’t pick up groceries, I didn’t take K to the zoo, I didn’t read aloud much this week.  I slept in.  He brewed me coffee (which I can drink now that I have a temporary crown and the temperature sensitivity is better).

I told the kids that today is the dangerous day for my temper; I’m ambitious again, but still hurting.  It’s the downward journey on the mountain climb where people die, and the end of a war when dumb borders get set that will contribute to the next war.  (Nothing like overly dramatic metaphors)  I asked them to pray for me and be patient.  Dan gave me a hug and probably washed the dishes, I haven’t looked at the kitchen yet.

Onto breakfast.

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