Snow Day

I went to Market Basket at rush hour the night before a storm (with the cool classification of bomb cyclone!) for the first time ever in New England.  Local legend has it that ever since the blizzard of ’78 people have an urge to buy milk and bread before it snows – even if they are lactose intolerant.  There were no carriages in the front, it was like finding a parking space, you needed to wait for someone leaving a cart to get one.  But I could buy bread – no one else wanted the gluten free stuff.  Hey, look, an advantage to Celiac Disease!

We’d just gotten our tires rotated and re-aligned, so I had to wait for the car to get shopping.  Dan was patiently waiting at the lab for us, he’d e-mailed the prayer meeting plans to pastor in case I was so late that he couldn’t make it.  Dan’s boss let us in, we patted the lab cat, said goodnight to Vinny the cleaning contractor and took the corner through the park to look at the Christmas village one more time as they put the extension cords away.  We were still in a hurry, this also allowed us to avoid all the traffic headed back to the grocery store.

Meanwhile, K had the idea of getting the boys to make pancakes while we were away, so Dan could eat quickly before prayer meeting.  The boys phones my Mom and she talked them through the recipe.  I (truthfully!) told all three of them that the pancakes turned out better than mine usually do, and her estimate came out bang even for what we needed for dinner.

I managed to get all the Christmas cards onto the wall by the calendar this year, the gilt and sparkles look especially pretty in the dusk light. But it’s time to turn the kitchen light on, and start supper.

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