Walk in the Snow and sunshine with K

It was above freezing yesterday, since we’ve had temperatures below zero (F) that’s quite the temperature difference. We were charmed. And I didn’t want to set up a Mailchimp list for the testing coop, so K and I took a walk in the snow. I walked on what sidewalks were clear, and she clambered on all the snowbanks.

Having the camera meant that she wanted to pose.

And document tracks.

K walking through a snowbank. She calls this photo "Walking on the Himalayas"
Walking on the Himalayas
either raccoon or squirrel prints in the snow
Raccoon or Squirrel, what do you think?
K looking dramatically down at the snow
Something is in the snow
K found rabbit tracks.
K found rabbit tracks.
arms akimbo on top of a really high snowdrift
arms akimbo on top of a really high snowdrift
K pretending to be at the summit of Mt Everest while standing on a really high snowdrift
the top of Mt Everest
K pretending to ride a pony while sitting on a snow bank
Riding a pony

4 thoughts on “Walk in the Snow and sunshine with K

  1. I can’t tell what kind of tracks those are at all.
    I’m jealous of your snow- we have not 2 inches all season, and last night we had a warm rain. (Rain!) what’s going on?
    Looks like K had a blast.

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