Pretty Blocks are Distracting but worth it

Look, no upper braces!
Look, no upper braces!

overview of K's pattern block palace

I meant to use the pattern blocks to show some multiplication with fractions (a  hexagon is a whole, triangle a sixth, trapezoid a half, parallelogram a third).  But it’s been a while since we’ve pulled out the blocks.

the gate of K's pattern block palace

K's pattern block palace

I forgot that they are pretty.

K's Sculpture out of painted wood chips in Valentine patterns

Aunt Paula says always give your students time to goof off with manipulatives before teaching with them.

K's hand making a bow out of pattern blocks

so K made a Minecraft style arsenal.

K building a Minecraft style ax, sword and bow out of pattern blocks

and then we got back to fractions.  She build the palace while I read her the history lesson.

Thanks Aunt Paula, it could have been a very frustrating morning, but we got everything in, the fractions made sense, and no one cried.

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