M’s math at breakfast

“Mom, how do you add 1/2 and 1/6″

I poured K’s milk and replied, ” how many sixths are in one half?

M brightened and announced that 4/6 was the answer.

I rapidly explained about simplifying fractions.

M replied, “Huh?”

Glad that the math manipulatives are stored in the kitchen, I pulled out some fraction circles. and overlaid the 4/6 with 2/3.  Then I went back to my coffee.

chain of arches from fraction circle manipulative from Cousin Martha

M announced a little bit later that 1/6 of 100 was 16 2/3.  Then he announced that all the straight sides of the wedges were the same length, except the half circle, which was twice the length of the sides of the wedges.  I pontificated on radius and diameter, but if he just tucks those words away for later I’m happy.  I should get out some of the Sir Cumference books from the library for him.

M smiling over his math pattern

This morning M left for Delta Lake.  When the guy with braces is away, the rest of us eat sticky, crunchy food.

crackers and nuts

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    • Ooo uses of manipulatives might make a good blog post.

      Thanks for the idea and the shout out!