The Carnival of Homeschooling: Floods and Picnics

Carnival of Homeschooling

This is the time of year when my kids wish we didn’t school year round (we do take off August and most of December, and random days we are grumpy in February, and you get the idea.) My Domestic Church explains how her family homeschools through summer, but takes time for road trips, music lessons, swimming club, and photographing snakes.


Home Spun Juggling explains their typical summers too.  Cristina has drawn some comics about the end of the year paper work wrap up in NY too.  It’s always worth while to explore her comics – everyone needs to laugh right?  What a treat to get to laugh with someone who understands homeschooling.

No Fighting, No Biting is wrapping up their school year.

What if you aren’t wrapping up a school year, but wrapping your head around starting?  Time 4 Learning discusses this in Blog: The First Difficult Year of Homeschooling.

K drawing on the linolium

I dug through my photos of June from the last several years to see if there were any patterns in our lives – usually those patterns show up in the carnival submissions so everything matches and I don’t have to find illustrations with permissions I understand.

M's cantilevered block

The weather got hot enough that indoor crafts and drawing was attractive in the afternoons.

momSCHOOL  has a suggestion for a beautiful,  Pinterest worthy Summer Bucket List.

Let’s Play Math! has a star drawing activity that can lead to gears, games, and string art for your students, and questions to help you think about how you teach math, tech, and design, and understand how your students learn math, tech, and design.

M with a stick

How do they learn? Do they touch everything, talk your ear off, wiggle when you set up an investigation and ask if they could just read the book instead? Home School vs Public School found a free class to help you improve your teaching ability by understanding your student’s learning at Looking at how others have improved their teaching ability.

drawing in the garden

Melissa at the Cork Board is organizing her notebooks at Our Classical Conversations Notebooks.

Barbara Frank Online has Eight Ways to Make Parenting a Pleasure.  I know I need to work on #5 and I don’t even own a cell phone.

Annie Kate  of Tea time with Annie Kate has just had the pleasure of seeing one son admitted to a University and (better yet) offered their highest scholarship – even though they say they don’t accept the sorts of documentation they sent.  Homeschool ‘Mommy Marks’ and Universities

K in front of the peonies

Parents need to keep inspired as they work though their responsibilities, a Net In Time reflects on her devotions at A Vital Truth.

M playing in the dirt at the side yard

Some years the 10 mile river has trouble keeping up with rainfall, then Mechanic’s Pond overflows into the mill parking lot.

flooded parking lot at Dan's work

This may be one of those years, I just checked the weather for my town, the icons are for rain, lightning, some sun, and one day next week is all grey waves. I’m guessing that’s the flood warning day? It could be fog I suppose.

The Flamingo’s family needed something new to do outside in the hot Florida summer sun. So they installed a four square court. After you read Part 1, click on Part 2 to find out what happens when you install a four square court too close to a tidal creek.

Kiki stuck on a fence post

One evening the neighbor’s cat got stuck on the fence post. He acted like he meant to do that.

This is the time of year when I start wishing the “Write the superintendent’s narrative report” note were crossed off my to-do list so I could get to the “Choose curriculum” note.  Karen at Homeschool Atheist Mom has suggestions for finding Secular Homeschooling Materials.  

No, I’m not actually sure why choosing materials for school reminds me of a cat stuck on a fence post.

peeking into a cannon at Castle Island

Notes from a Homeschool Mom describes one awkward moment – what if your local schools are considered so good that your property values are inflated, but you pulled your kids out of them and your are glad you did?  What am I supposed to say about local public schools .

B driving Daddad's lawn tractor

I’m sure a lot of these picnic photos were from 4th of July picnics (even though I filed them in June).  Den School has recipes, crafts, and print-ables for the 4th.  It really does help when the kids get bored waiting for the cousins to arrive to hand them a puzzle, craft or plate of red, white and blue jello…

Speaking of the 4th, and things to be thankful for in the US, Why Homeschool posts I’m glad we can homeschool in the United States.

K eating at a picnic

Sometimes the available time to be together is – schoolwork in the evening and chores.  Especially when there is a new baby.  The Legacy of Home writes about Home studies in the evening hours.

Yard work

So, when the time to be together is mostly chores, driving to chores, fuelling up and seeing to cleanliness, how do we connect with the kids? And teach them? Some suggestions for Using “Learning Moments” at Reading-Writing-Learning.

the fun way to water the garden

The garden took off, with lots of chances to talk about bugs, soil, plant growth, nutrition, biology…why that sure sounds educational.   Parent at the Helm has many, many interesting book suggestions for Homeschooling Resources: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month!   Including one combining seed saving, geometric progression and a hurricane – I’m putting that one on reserve at the library right now.

M and K playing on a rock at Sturbridge Village

It sure sounds like a lot of learning is going on at Tea Time with AnnieKate from her Weekly Wrap Up: Animals, Ribbons, and Gardens. even if most of her kids are “done” with school for the year.

picking strawberries when K was a baby

Magical Mouse has some suggestions for making your own water slide activities. 

The Summer Nanny recommends several activities for preparing young children for formal education settings.

Nanny Jobs recommends 10 activities to help with letter recognition.

Babysitting Jobs recommends 10 Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Middle School Peer Pressure.

I hope your June is lively with weddings, strawberries (Northern Hemisphere) school, or break, and cheerful children delighting in learning stuff.

Next week’s Carnival is hosted at Home Spun Juggling


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