The Carnival of Homeschooling – Oops, this week not next!

Oh dear, I need to read my e-mail much more carefully.  I thought was on for next week, but it’s really today.  Good thing I already pulled up May photos from years past.Henry Cate, the founder of the Carnival of Homeschooling muses is it time to end the Carnival at Why Homeschool.im003914Our co-op ended last month, M’s play was a charming success, K’s ballet lessons ended about that same time  and I may catch up on laundry yet.  We work lessons most of the year – but summer still beckons, with weddings,100_2303And marsh walks,and sheep at Sturbridge Village. Should I worry about the “Summer Slide?” Bon argues that there is something fishy about the idea that standardized test scores lowering after summer means children aren’t learning – how do we define learning? At the blog.I never seem to take photos of the children on sick days.  Probably too busy making lists of things I forgot to pick up at CVS to make them more comfortable, and reading aloud because it’s something soothing and schooly that they can handle. Pettycoat Government writes about sick days at Sickness and Homeschooling.Karen at My Own Mind is planning out her contribution to a homeschool co-op, reading many, many books.I particularly like her plan to have the students share their reactions to their reading by blogging.  She writes at Homeschool High School Engish 1, a Co Op Class.If blogging helps me get organized, I wonder if the kids will take to it? How do we support teens growth, and let them own their consequences?  The Thinking Mother muses on the process at Homeschooling Teens, Hands on or Hands off?

One thing I love about hosting (hostessing?) a carnival is looking at old photos again. I’d forgotten the Sunday Ben got to be the grill master at Grandma’s house for dinner.  I think he and I went half-sies on the meat. Weaving a Homeschool Journey reviews the Math chef book at Food Education.

Homeschooling Consultation reviews Classical Conversations at Converstations…3im003927Thank you for reading the carnival of Homeschooling!

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