Day 4 after Molar Extraction

Once Dan phoned the oral surgeon to ask if I could switch antibiotics, and he said that since there was no swelling in the jaw I could discontinue the amoxicillin, I started to only feel miserable in the intestines.  So I stayed home from church today.

In one of my, “yes, I can stand up,” periods yesterday, I made some pizza dough.  At dinner time, I called instructions from the bedroom to help people find the hot pads, compensate for the pizza stones having been forgotten, find the cheese…they had to recruit K to help roll out the dough because she’s the only one who usually helps me with that part and knows the sticky intricacies of gluten free dough (basically, put plastic wrap on top, the roll it or pat it, then peel it off.  The dough is too sticky for flour on top to be a release agent.)I thought she’d get a charge out of knowing that she was important to getting dinner on the table, but it didn’t seem to connect in her mind.

I really need to teach them some simple meals they can make solo.

Ben had left Skype on after helping a buddy with Java homework, another friend noticed his signal, and they had a fun chat.  This is the second Saturday the kids have had friends on Skype, I want to invite their actually friends over this winter, but I think we need to wait until I can eat food and keep it down.

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