Co-op plans and poison ivy

M is itchy.  Calamine and colloidal oatmeal are only going so far.

Last night co-op surprised me.  No one wanted the research methods class that had been asked for other years (perhaps because of my strong warning that it takes over homeschools in November and the kids might cry with their first experience of procrastinating through a long project?  Maybe I should have said nice things about it?)

At the same time they wanted less “academic” classes in co-op, they did want more structure in recess time, well some of them did.  So we are compromising with a recess “kid wrangler” who will teach a different “game of the day,”  each week so that the kids will have a larger repertoire of group games to play.

How funny that some years we must have academic classes so our older students can justify continuing to co-op, and other years we don’t want academic classes because the kitchen table is academic enough.

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