The most popular post on this blog bar none is Making a Maze from Caution Tape: Guest Post by Dan (DH)

K in the maze with a snow cone
K walking through the maze while eating a snow cone

written by my husband. (She wrote bitterly)

People Walking Through the 2013 Maze
People Walking Through the 2013 Maze

He goes into more detail and answers some questions in DH Guest Post: Caution Tape Maze Revisited, Part I

The Maze Building Crew for the 2014 Caution Tape Maze
The Maze Builders

And he has added a second update explaining exactly how the teams of teens lays out the maze.
maze grid

Ben suggested a maze that would change configuration mid way through the fair so the trampled grass would not give away the path in 2015.

The 2015 Caution Tape Maze

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