Fixing a Found Computer: guest blog by Dan (DH)

I like to tinker with computers. When I see a neighbor throwing out a PC, I tend to investigate, and see if the computer is worth salvaging. It is also very educational for the kids. Working with an old PC Continue reading Fixing a Found Computer: guest blog by Dan (DH)

Celebrating a Recorder Breakthrough

Sometimes you practice the same tune for weeks.  And your fingers don’t understand what the music notes mean.  And you peek at your Mom’s fingers and loose your place in the music.  For weeks. And she says dumb things like, Continue reading Celebrating a Recorder Breakthrough

Rememebering March

Last week Dan comforted me when I sighed at my crowded craft desk, “That just means it’s spring.”  Co-op re-starts at the same time Jr F.I.R.S.T. Lego starts, and our weekends become SO crowded.  At least the house stays picked Continue reading Rememebering March