I was bad – but the pdf draft is done

I finished the Attleboro Sweater pdf in it’s American crochet terms version.

But I got distracted from homeschool, caught M up after lunch (causing him to miss hanging out with the neighbors) and forgot to take K outside until after dinner.

I was going to take them outside at the usual time, but I realized as I tried to find her shoes,  that it was totally impossible for K to pick up her bedroom (in addition to the fact that she is only 4) because there was no room in her closet to put the duplos.  So we cleaned before lunch.  It was like I became the evil step mother.

I pitched a full garbage bag of toys too damaged to give away,and loaded the car with another one to take to the Salvation Army tomorrow.  The garbage bag of tissues don’t really count, it’s allergy season.

At least I told K what I was doing, and did get her to the swings after supper.

And my pdf is looking so pretty.

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