How do I …And Homeschool

I wrote a series answering all my friend’s homeschool questions, the ones I wished she’d asked, and the rhetorical ones I get from concerned relatives.  I called it “How do I … AND Homeschool” because the usual questions are formed that way, only with different dot dot dots.


How do I run  a Micro Business and Homeschool which explains about how messy my house is, which leads to

Christine Guest grinning with her nose wrinkled like a tiger

How do I keep the house clean (do I keep the house clean?) and Homeschool

and How do I Cook and Homeschool?

Of course, the kids have chores and Dan is wonderful, so I don’t do it all myself.  Likewise, the Eagle’s Wings coop is a group venture –

How do I lead a Homeschool Group, And Homeschool

The skills for leading a homeschool group and volunteering at church as say, a VBS coordinator are the same.

Set of play

How do I volunteer at Church and Homeschool

Money is always an interesting question – I’ve made two posts about our spending

How much money did I spend homeschooling 1

How much money did I spend homeschooling 2

So far, none of these mentions actual time doing educational stuff with children –

How do I keep track of Lessons and Homeschool

How to I create the paperwork for college applications and Homeschool

M with his adusted worksheets

Which leads to a question I ask myself frequently – How do I keep from Losing my Voice, and Homeschool

and the related question, How do I homeschool when I’m taking painkillers?

There there are the relationship questions:

And How do I Spend Time with the Children and Homeschool

K showing her packing tape bracelet

How do I Spend Time with my Husband and Homeschool?

Dan happy with his work

How do I Spend Time with God and Homeschool?

How Do I spend Time with Myself, and Homeschool?

An important subset of which is How do I take a Shower and Homeschool?

I’d love to add to this series, please send me some questions – I can only answer for myself, but the answers may surprise both of us.



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