I’m home, I’m wiped

    Well, the husband and kids were alive and well when I got back from Guangzhou, China, and they even had the house clean.  Apparently the deaconesses from church had supplied them with lots of casseroles, so the dreaded pasta dinners didn’t overwhelm my older son.
The little girl my friend adopted was 19 month old.  It took her 4 days to smile, by the end of 2 weeks she would play games with her mother, and sometimes me too.  She definitely knows which one was “Momma
and which one was “Mrs Guest.”  She is having jet lag like the rest of  us now, and is not too sure about her Daddy, but at least my friend reports that she is sleeping in her own bed 6 hours each night, which is an improvement.
It really does take 1 day per hour difference to get over jet lag, at least for me.  I feel so …well, whatever adjective fits, make it extreme and that’s me.  Maybe this pregnancy has just decided to not be so smooth feeling anymore.  I still think it’s mostly jet lag though.

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