Quizzes and Resourse Books, Geography Class Installment 3

I keep my copy of Operation World in a kitchen drawer near the microwave.  I keep meaning to incorporate the daily pray around the world feature into morning prayer in homeschool, but first I need to get homeschool starting smoothly with prayer. 

However, I do regularly use it: it’s a big help when the  the Geo Quiz on PRI’s The World, comes on at 4:50PM, right as I’m usually saute-ing veggies for dinner.  The kids know not to ask me questions when I’m wiping the onion juice off my hands in a hurry (Most days).  If I like quizzes, maybe my class would too?

I looked up the National Geographic GeoBee , because I like their quiz on the magazine wrappers – ooo, this online game could be addictive, it’s timed and gives you a score!

Last week for class, I printed off copies of quizzes from both on-line sources, read them to the kids, and had them work in groups with the resources to find the answers.  I had introduced the kids to Operation World, a student atlas with various maps, and an atlas of political maps. Sometimes we talked about how to figure out which resource worked better.  I’d never heard of the Maldive Islands before (Average hight 5 feet above sea level).  We prayed for them after reading their entry in Operation World, their Christian population is only .01%.

The kids were restless, and ready to run outside a little before the end of class.  I lost some of them when I didn’t make the class compeditive, and some others when I mentioned that, "The World" can have a liberal perspective, but that I believe never the less that it gives valuable international news, so I know what to pray about.

One of the helper Moms wanted to know where she could buy a copy of Operation World.  The kids wanted to know if they were done yet.

Oh Well.


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