Getting organized…?

This Thursday the visiting missionary from church arrives at our house to stay the weekend.  She is coming early so that she can speak to my co-op geography class, and on Saturday we will visit Plimouth Plantation (no, that’s not a typo, they spell it that way to distinguish the re-enacted village from the actual town) she is an American History teacher at the mission schoolt, so a chance to study as she goes is a big deal.

Thursday of course, is pick-up the CSA subscription/B has Band practice/Mom usually comes over for dinner and Latin lesson night.  But this week Mom canceled Latin to make things simpler.  It’s our last CSA pick up, probably lots of winter squash, we’ve had our first hard frost.

So I’ve listed out what sorts of meals to make, and each day I want to make something nutricious, delicious, restful, with a bit of the wow, you shouldn’t have….but each day I’m going to be out and about, not home cooking.  So I’m digging through the recipe books for yummy fast meals that either make ahead, come together quickly or are company ready crock pot meals.

So far I think I’d better give up on the idea of impressing the lady, we also have to clean house.  I don’t dare think what her standards of clean may be.  We may end up not doing lessons after Wednesday.  It seems that of the options: have a clean house, get all the lessons in, or respond flexibly to cool opportunities as they arrise:  we can pull off any two of the three.  Kind of like the engineering maxim about new products: good, cheap or fast, pick any two.

One thought on “Getting organized…?

  1. How great that you had this realization about the week's limitations BEFORE you started. With me, I always figure it out after the flop.

    Thanks for the beautiful card!Love,