Matters of Sleep

The week before Thanksgiving, K finally adjusted to the time change.  She stopped having regular poison hours before supper, melting down during supper and needing to go to bed at 6:30PM.

This week, her molars came in most of the way (at least one, when I was feeling her gums she bit my finger, so that’s close enough)  She has started only waking up at 4AM, even though our upstairs neighbors do walk down the hall to the bathroom at midnight as usual.  Two weeks ago she woke up and I heard her say, "Uh-oh, scary." when the foot steps sounded overhead.  I’ve tried to tell her what that sound is.  She also hates the sound of the refrigerator pump, but she seems to sleep through it more this week.

Sunday morning at 4:30AM, she was in our bed, pointed out my window to our neighbor’s back light (a beacon of a back light) and said, "Sun Up.  Go!"  DH thought she meant she wanted to go back to her crib.  I lay there listening to her crying about the unfairness of having to go to bed at day, walked down to her room, pulled the curtains, and showed her the stars.  She quieted down and "read" her books aloud in a sing song voice instead of crying.  I don’t know if she slept, but I did.

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