2 1/3 years ago, I had an adventure at lunch

We ate lunch at a cafeteria. The menu didn’t have many pictures, so we guessed on the drink – it looked like iced coffee, but tasted nasty, like mud mixed with vitamin powder. Tea seems to have been included so we thankfully drank that.


As we paid for lunch (only 30 yuan) the laughing clerk said something to a newly arriving waitress, that I took to be, “I just sold 2 foreign women lunch!” she replied, “Cool!” (in English)


When we were done eating, I couldn’t tell what to do with the plates, so I got a tray and tidied up. A girl looked up from an English novel and greeted me, I asked her how to be polite. She said that we were good to be environmentally aware, but that it was…good. So I left the plates on the table.


Neither of us had ever hailed a cab before. “This is why you are in China, Chris.” B said. So I attempted powerful eye contact with any approaching taxi driver, jumped and waved.


It was sort of like fishing.

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