What is it I gotta do again?

Find a way to teach M his Math and reading that does not frustrate him so much.  OR just keep going until his teeth come in and he gets back to normal; of course, normal for him has included falling off his chair and stomach aches since last Spring.  I mentioned to him how glad I was that his tummy felt better, and he said he just hadn’t been complaining much because he’d been having fun lately.  So glad I asked?

Write this week’s menu and grocery list.

Pick up "Donald’s visit to mathimagical land’ and "the Story of 1" at the library

Get the groceries

Add notes to the pattern and chart about row 14 and 27 and the direction of work

Pay the bills

Put the laundry away

Order more lego parts (today!) for the Friday class (we are doing gears, but need more wheels for that part.  OR some parts so we can do pullies, but that needs more hard to find pieces, even on Bricklink.)

Find out what fees/licenses are due to set up a single proprietorship in my town and state.

I keep reading that I need a business plan.  Well, what I want to do is share my ideas and get feedback, without undercutting people who are trying to make a living selling patterns, or undervaluing the product.  But don’t get me wrong: Some pin money would be awesome fun.

Does that count as a business plan?

I also need a name for this business –  I wanted a reference to Lydia and Dorcas in the New Testament, because I want to make excellent  patterns, and to remember the poor, but purple gazelle is taken, at least from what I could see on Google.

Any Suggestions?  Uncle S?

One thought on “What is it I gotta do again?

  1. I see what really has gotten done, or started since then, and I know what to tackle now that K and M are still sleeping…

    the Bills, and budget.