My Letter to Co-op this year

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about the co-op.  We are getting smaller and younger these days, our middle schoolers tend to bring their independent work to do in study hall rather than take classes, or else they help to teach.  We are not coming up with classes for them.


I think?

On the other hand, there are more classes and clubs available for them than ever, and we could spend all week driving them hither and yon – somewhere else.

I got lots e-mails from other (embarrassed?) parents letting me know of their plans for their older kids, this was my response:

Dear Eagle’s Wings Families,

There is a funny linguistic thing I’ve noticed, whenever people have to
re-evaluate the role of Eagle’s Wings Co-op in their homeschool, they
begin to call it Christine’s co-op.  Sometimes they avoid me socially,
and once someone waited to tell me that they have to leave, after I’d
scheduled them to do a job that we needed done.

In reality, I’m not hurt if Eagle’s Wings doesn’t fit your family’s
needs right now, I don’t think co-oping fits every family, or is
necessary for healthy development (you do all have extended family, and
church, right?) because it’s not my co-op, it’s Eagle’s Wings.  I just
try to co-ordinate the member’s ideas into a form that does not scare
the insurance company, and lets everyone take a bathroom break.

I only mind if an adult on the schedule leaves after they are scheduled.
I miss seeing them regularly of course! But I’m not hurt.

So, do keep your eyes open for ideas to make Eagle’s Wings better, but
if you must have your Friday mornings next Spring; let me know and don’t
fret!  This is why I try to let you know about other opportunities in
the greater homeschool community, and if you want to start your own
co-op for older students and need some help, I’m happy to mentor you.


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