Showing off at the Grocery Store

I realized that the chocolate had never left it’s spot in the grocery cart.  Checking the receipt, I’d never paid for it.

I dragged K and M back into the store from the car, happy I’d found some cash in my pocket so I wouldn’t need all that debit card process to do, and tried to stand in line at my original line – nice checkout kid, less embarrassment.  Though all the ladies waiting made room for me at the front as I had only one item and cash.  Sort of embarrassing.

Nice Checkout Kid – Lady, I’d have considered it a Christmas present from the store, you didn’t get all the way home did you?

Lady behind me in the line – It’s not stealing if you made a mistake.

Me, as sudden silence descended on the store making my voice echo like a narrator – God is watching and so are my kids.

Nice Checkout Kid, All the Ladies behind me in Line, plus several other shoppers – Oh yeah, that’s right, he is.

2 thoughts on “Showing off at the Grocery Store

  1. We’ve done this more times than I care to admit, but I always go through the customer service line but the exit instead of having to face the nice checkout kid again…