Trivia of the Day

We have a major laundry backlog: our upstairs neighbor’s little girl’s daycare had a louse outbreak so she’s washing everything washable in her house.  Meanwhile, with potty training, I have a lot of laundry to catch up on too, and yesterday the dryer’s quarter bank got too full so the landlord had to come this  morning to empty it.

K and I walked at the little pond near DH’s work before lunch, B took M to the regular park.  The male swan was scattering the Canadian geese, I watched them from the top of a headland, they were flying at my eye level and I could see their individual feathers.  I have to look up a little duck in with the geese, he floated really low in the water, and appeared to have a mohogany colored crest.

Is it my imagination or does my head itch?  I may be getting a hair cut really soon.

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