{Pretty Happy Funny Real}

Pretty: M’s potted plant bloomed

Happy: DH was trying to get a good facebook photo – he’s had K on his shoulder for the last several profile pics, so we thought we’d try again for that as they were both still in Sunday clothes, but we never got them both clear in this shoot- too much tickling.

Funny: M’s potted plant is a Venus Flytrap, notice how far above the traps the bloom is?  It doesn’t want to eat it’s pollinators.

Real: M’s new teeth appliances

4 thoughts on “{Pretty Happy Funny Real}

  1. Lovely! Happy Thursday to you (Frances sings that to Alice because Alice doesn’t have a birthday– do you remember that book?) Love,

  2. Francis picked up her favorite broom, “come on champ”

    I loved your photo of Sweet P in the meadow! I think my kids want to dig a Heffalump trap now.

  3. What a beautiful family! Even if they are a little fuzzy ’round the edges. :-)
    I never knew Venus flytraps bloomed! We’ve never been able to keep one alive very long. Plants in this house need to thrive on neglect. We always forget to water.

    Peace and Laughter!

  4. I have good luck with plants in the kitchen – I see them at least three times a day.

    I do keep hoping that the flytrap is not blooming because it’s stressed though – sometimes that’s a plant’s last act!