A List of Life.

My author’s  copy of Inside Crochet came today; it really does have my name in print.  Such lovely photos, such clear tutorials on how to make the X stitch.

My in-laws came for B’s concert, and to day his photo is in the Sun Chronicle; I need to pick up a copy (there is no photo of him in the online version though)

We now have a canoe and a spring form pan, thanks to my generous in-laws.

Our friend Lynn drove all the way from NJ to spend lunch with us, and brought an amazing chocolate coffee cake from Butterflake Bakery.

My scarf is ready to mail to my sister-in-law the photographer, but K is asleep, so I hope she wakes up soon so I can go to the post office.

I got the boy’s homeschool plan written up to mail to the superintendent’s office.

My cousin came down from Cambridge today for B’s last Spanish lesson, he had to present his family tree poster (in Spanish).

It is so humid today, that the sky is white.

Last night it was so foggy, I could barely see the house across the street.

There is a good breeze though.


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