Tired Ramblings

Last night, K fell asleep before dinner, then woke up hungry and bouncy at 1:30AM.  She didn’t settle down until 3:30.

The Window’s laptop seems to have died.  At least we know it’s not a fuse, capasitor or connection to the power cable, Dan looked.  We were hoping to switch to it for FLL, since the official Lego Robotics software isn’t compatable with Linux, and neither is M’s vision therapy program, so it looks like we are stuck with the desktop we were about to give away. Another year of Dan being the guy who brings a desktop to the competition.  Oh well, it works.

We did get through all the “daily,” school today, I didn’t manage it every day last week.

M’s opt-something-atrist was very pleased with his progress yesterday.  The office gave us a $50-or-so-ish refund since they’d accidentally overcharged us for the vision therapy program.  The repair to the mini-van this morning was only $52, not the hundreds we expected.  Fun symetry.

I have a grocery list ready, but M’s friends just came home from school, I think I’ll clean up the kitchen and start supper before going shopping so he has time to play with them.  So far K is watching B’s new Logic lecture DVD with him.  I guess the fact that it is television is all she needs to know.

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