I’ve got to stop scheduling afternoon appointments

There actually was good news yesterday at the eye doctor’s office, M can back off on some of the vision therapy exercises.  But I still wanted to cry.

K fell asleep on the way to the appointment, woke up groggy, then threw a tantrum that I’d packed the distraction toy she asked for, not the one she wanted.  Meanwhile the doctor began asking me specific questions about how M reads.  Which is as inconsistent as the jumpy line on his vision therapy results.  I’m not sure if the look I got from the doctor was because K was behaving so badly, or because I couldn’t help him make sense of M’s reading. (If I knew why M’s reading was so inconsistent, I wouldn’t have brought him in for vision therapy.).

I wanted to yell, “I got up at 4:30 this morning to change a kid’s wet sheets, I couldn’t get back to sleep, I’m a creative person with a global thinking style, no one said there would be a quiz today stop looking at me like that, I’m bad at unexpected details!”

But all I did was vow to take notes on M’s specific reading behaviors, then pull out a piece of scrap paper from my purse and try to write down the instructions for which therapies M can rotate, and which ones are vital to do daily.

The scrap of paper was a drawing I had done with K.  Apparently, the writing desecrated it.  K screamed.

Then I talked to the office manager about the bill, and our insurance switch in January.  (K had a lolly pop, so she was quiet)  Which sent me home to make phone calls to the pediatrician for a new referral, and the insurance company, all of whom made disapproving noises at me.  Feeling totally stupid, I phoned the original office manager back to ask how much money we were talking about?  Oh, only that much?  The budget can stretch for that much.  Maybe I’m not a ditz.  Maybe all those professionals are cranky mid-afternoon.

I’ve got to stop scheduling afternoon appointments.

4 thoughts on “I’ve got to stop scheduling afternoon appointments

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  2. Maybe you came in right before lunch? :-)

    I’ve had many days like that. And I can completely relate to the insurance woes. Our insurance changed so many times in the past five years, I could not even tell you who our insurance is now without digging out the cards. I’m sure the game is to get us so frustrated we pay out of pocket rather than insist the insurer reimburse us.

    May your next visit be much easier. Don’t forget to bring extra paper!

    Peace and Laughter!

  3. Hi. Stopping by from the Carnival of Homeschooling – I’m a fellow poster this week. Sorry you had such a rough day…but you made it through!