Getting ready…

M is responding so well to the meds that he is acting normal.  In fact, when I saw his face this morning I had to remember why it was red but no longer puffy.

B got the tomatoes into his garden yesterday.  I forgot that it is no longer MY garden, it turned out that he didn’t need any help but did appreciate it when I took his siblings home, and make a big lunch.  I apologized for being overbearing.  I think he forgave me.

B is going on a church work trip to Prattsville, NY this Sunday to help with repairs to the flood damage from Hurricane Irene.  I need to see if his tetanus shot is up to date.  I also need to get the floors clean and wash a wall clean of it’s crayon drawings because I have to call the landlord about a broken wire behind an outlet, and this time he will not be dismayed by the total state of the house.  At least I hope so.

And get M’s school in.  B has already done some some of his work before breakfast.

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