Organizing my outline with scrapbook scraps and a decorative punch

Ah, one way to get out of procrastinating is to make something pretty and useful. Or just pretty and related.

Like bullet points that color code to the bookmarks in your Bible so you don’t get confused where to refer when you teach the gospel lesson at your church’s Family Fun Fair.
bookmark and matching bullet point
This works if you are a color person. You know you are a color person if you don’t remember the author’s name, but you know which shelf it’s on in the library and that the dust jacket is orange to pink. Now that there is Google, of course you can find old library books even when the dust jacket gets discarded and the regular cover isn’t orange anymore, not that I necesarily know this from experience.

Pick out some pretty scraps of paper (in different colors.) patterned paper is lovely, but unless it’s the same on both sides, I’d suggest solid color, because if your bullet point is calling for one color, and your bookmark only coordinates, you may lose moments in your speech – awkward.

Bible, decorative punch, glue stick, bookmarks, lesson outline

Punch your bookmarks.

As you find your places to mark, glue stick your matching punch to your outline.

Bookmarks in Bible

So when you come to a spot where you want to open your book and read directly, your bullet point shows you what color bookmark you need, especially if you are bouncing all over the New Testament.

I guess it would be a useful technique if you were giving a speech and needed to refer to other books as long as  you are a color person?

2 thoughts on “Organizing my outline with scrapbook scraps and a decorative punch

  1. Awesome idea! There are so many times I could have used an organization tool like this. I will have to remember your bookmark idea.