Beavertail State Park

So, love New England Lighthouses, tidal pools and rock?  Try Beavertail State Park.  But you have to come on scheduled Saturdays to go up the tower.  It has it’s tale of a brave keeper who died in a hurricane, the fog will probably roll in and out while you are there, and you can watch the boats.

K, Uncle Paul and B on the rocksThere is a small museum of lighthouses, and a small aquarium with park rangers and volunteers to answer questions.  There is a lot for wide range of kids, but it may be hard to keep them all together at the same time.  It helps to have several adults around to squire them.

K, not that part of the water!

The composting toilets

The composting toilets are clean and pleasant, not smelly at all.  I could hear a mechanism under the floorboards, it looked like there was a worm gear to keep things aerated.  I wish there was a chart or sign about how it worked – yeah, I know, geeky-ness is a hazard of homeschooling.

B peering into a cave

Uncle Paul

She must catch up

She must climb


Picnic Meadow by the parking lot over the rocks

There were a lot of thistles at the edge of the picnic meadow.  They brought in as many butterflies as the buddlea bush in my garden at home.

K and Uncle PaulK threw herself at the rocks.  She had such little understanding of edges and drops, that I asked everyone if we could go home early, because I was worn out from chasing her.

But you, you will surely love this park, and not wimp out at the end of the day.  Or  you will plan a short visit, so when your intrepid preschooler risks her life one too many times, going home will be the plan you’d fixed on anyway.

2 thoughts on “Beavertail State Park

  1. There are composting toilets at the Bronx Zoo that do explain how they work, but I can’t say they smell pleasant. I think the problem is that not many people take the time to read the use instructions. :-P

    This park looks like fun. I definitely need to plan another trip to New England. I’ve only driven through Maine, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to Rhode Island.

    Peace and Laughter!

    • It’s a lot like NY, only the weather tends to be a bit cooler, and more changeble. I think the leaves last longer, but the Spring takes forever to arrive.