So that’s that M thinks of (Medieval)Royal Life.

I glanced back in the notebook where I write down M’s narrations after I read him his chapter from the Story of the World Early Modern Times.  We do somewhat modified narrations, not purely Charlotte Mason ones: if he’s stuck, I’ll ask a leading question, and if I get the feeling his brain is on Mars, I’ll read it to him again.  However, if there is court intrigue, wars, or dangerous journeys, his brain stays with the story, and since we are up to 1610, there are lots of wars, intrigues and dangerous journeys.

About Mary Queen of Scots: It was very, very stressful to be a queen.  Especially a Catholic queen of a protestant people.

About Hideyoshi: He expected the Koreans to let him pass through, but they attacked him instead, then Korea got re-enforcements from China and attached his supply lines with their famous Tortoise Ships.

About Tokugawa: When his troops broke through, Hideyori killed himself.  Tokugawa had Hideyori’s son killed.  I’m glad I’m not heir to the Shogunate!  (exclamation mark at M’s insistence.)



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