Closer to Being Organized

Cardboard tags reminding Chris of homeschool goals

Projects where I get to do crafts AND get organized are wonderful.  I have to do it anyhow, but if I pull out my papercrafting toys, I’ll do it cheerfully.

K thought the card stock and cardboard tags needed prettier pins than just safety pins.  She found these beaded pins in the big tin of sewing notions left over from a VBS before she was born.

Bookmarks with narration questions on them to remind her to do literature discussion

When I re-read the logic section in the Well Trained Mind this year, I just about fell off my chair.  M is there.  Not reading fluently enough for me to hand him a history encyclopedia and ask him to outline it, but there enough that I need to remember to discuss what we read together beyond, “Narrate this to me M.”  I’m hoping this iteration of Jimmie Lanley’s bookmarks help me remember to chat with him.

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