K’s Ed plan 2014

Instructional Scope and Sequence for K, 1st Grade:

Bible K will continue to listen to daily reading from her Bible Story Book.

Art K will work through the exercises in I Can Do All

Things: A Beginning book of Drawing and Painting by Barry Stebbing

History/ Geography K will listen to weekly readings from the Story of the World Vol I. We will look at maps especially on field trips or family outings, and when we pray for world events and missionaries at church.

Writing K will continue to practice her handwriting with

worksheets from Cursive First by Liz Fitzgerald.

Phonics Spell to Write and Read by Wanda Sansori

Literature K will listen to various myths, legends, and poems, from the ancient time period, as well as historical fiction set in ancient times.

Mathematics We will continue to work though Miquon Math, We will also read math picture books, work puzzles, and do vigorous block play as suggested by the Living Math Group on the Internet.

Music K will continue to study the Mountain Occarina and ballet.

Nature, Science, We plan to hike in the local Audubon Sanctuaries,

and Technology National Wildlife Sanctuaries, and State Parks. We will also

work in our flower and vegetable gardens.


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