Various Co-ops starting

Eagle’s Wings had it’s first meeting for the 6-week-Spring semester. It’s 6 weeks long because historically that’s as much ambition as anyone has to teach other people’s kids this time of year – but this is an unusual year. There are rats to dissect, tempora paint to pound, communication strategies to share and bubble geometry to explore, not to mention early music for pre-schoolers. Sometimes sharing a skill with children a little older than your own is like dressing up on a gloomy day to feel professional – quite the mood support!

So far neither Heidi nor I have had emergency-this-isn’t-working e-mails from anyone. Phew!

On the other co-op front, Sue and I have sent the – order your tests from BJU and send us money so we can rent the church building e-mails to last year’s testing co-op. But I haven’t started analysing if we need to recruit non-parents to give the tests yet, or counted how many children of each age we have. This is the last year Sue is helping me, her youngest daughter isn’t even taking a test with us – she’s just helping me and the local community. Her greatest contribution (besides checking details for me) is keeping a log of when we did various tasks, so that next year, whoever is helping me and I can know a schedule.

It’s funny, but I’m not really a fan of standardized testing, yet here I am organizing it for 30+families or so. It is so nice to have an easy way to report progress to superintendent’s office that is concise and already written in jargon – but I feel a little like a sell out to admit that. Oh well, I think they were exhausted back when I made portfolios for Ben – and yes, having more children did effect how many photos I got developed and slapped into books. Most of K’s are on this blog.


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