Has Anyone Seen M’s Glasses? We looked at the pond.


M’s glasses disappeared sometime around the Good Friday Service, or maybe Saturday morning. Since he gets bad headaches without his glasses, I haven’t made him do school work this week.


I’ve made him clean the house.


That actually makes me sound like a much cooler Mom than I am: K and I have been cleaning house with him; because once we’ve checked all the logical places to have set something down without thinking about it (known as flat-surfacing around here) it’s time to check the illogical places.

I don’t know what I’ve done to my knee, I see the GP next week. It hurts, but no clicking or popping. I’m trying to be pleasant to live with brave, not stupid brave. Did I mention I also had teeth fillings this week? Be nice to me.

What better way to check illogical spaces than by dusting and tidying?

My books are on the bookshelves, and the bookshelves are dusted.  You could sew on my sewing desk, Ben’s rocking chair/laptop center doesn’t have a paperwork glacier, you can see the individual bags of old craft supplies that I’m hoping to unload…


That is donate…


to the state used curriculum sale.

We go to the glasses store tomorrow if we still haven’t shown up.

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