Questions I would so much rather discuss than the Socialization ones…

What books get reluctant readers going?

How did you make penmanship pleasant?

What are you able to do together with the ages of children you have?

How do you make separate times for them when they can’t study together?

What is different about younger elementary and older elementary studies?

How do you handle the extra curricular logistics?

What makes your co-ops worth while?

Do you mind leading all the groups your kids are involved in?

How do you get your kids to write?

Do you think aged 10 might be to young to expect essays?

Is spelling a different process from reading?

Does electronic media zap creativity or not?

What mechanisms do you use to order your day?

How important do you think rapid calculations are to understanding mathematical ideas?

How much calulational prowess does a child need for success in mathematics?

How do you store all those manipulatives attractively?

How do you keep track of all your books?

What is your favorite part of homeschooling?

Is Charlotte Mason style narration with one and only one listening/reading before summary is best, or is the variation from Susan Wise Bauer is OK where you prime the pump with specific questions first fine?

What books are really twaddle?  Is Jim Trelease right about series books?

How can older homeschooling parents make time to mentor younger ones just hitting the older student phase?  (Especially with the loss of confidence teen agers inspire?)

How can homeschoolers be more supportive of at home mothers who don’t want to homeschool?

How can we all gain enough confidence and grace to be kind to each other no matter what choices we make or how nervous we feel about society and our own choices?

How do you make sure that your toddlers and preschoolers get enough face time from you?

What questions would you like to answer?

What questions would nudge you to helpful ponderings?


I would love comments on this – really!  You don’t even need to be a homeschooler!


One thought on “Questions I would so much rather discuss than the Socialization ones…

  1. Simply Charlotte Mason ( has a three part discussion recently on combining subjects for different levels. They distinguish the skills from subjects– that is, math has to be done individually, but picture study can be done together. I found it a really useful discussion.