My Weekly Menu Planning Process

Now that I’m not getting a CSA box anymore, the menu starts on Sunday when we stop at the farmer’s market on the way home.  It’s the same farm, and we aren’t helping them out as much as when they got our money in the early spring, but spending Thursday afternoons picking up the box instead of having K nap was hard on me.

Back to food: I list out the veggies I have, and other assets in the fridge and pantry.  I gather the back issues from this month of Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country, Poor Girl Gourmet, Simply in Season, and ask the boys if they have a special meal they’d like this week (B almost always asks for New England Clam Chowder from Pam Anderson’s the Perfect Recipe. but the Braised Pork Shoulder from Poor Girl Gourmet is a close second.)

Then I try to find recipes to use the veggies, and make sure we have enough beans, dairy or meat to keep protean worries at bay.  I always make headers in my list for the sections in my grocery: Produce, deli, shelves,fridge,shelves (the ones on the other side of the fridge) dairy, bakery.  Then I list what I need in order of finding it in the store.  If DH winds up getting the groceries, he has an easier time of it too: although with cell phones,it’s not so hard to find things anymore.

Coffee or tea definetly makes menu planning nicer, so is sitting on the porch, but that is optional.  What is your process?

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