I’m feeling Happy and Clever

Hopefully  this is not a sign of approaching doom.

I’m working on my lesson prep for the upcoming  Family Fun Fair – I get to teach the 5 different Bible lessons from CEF’s Illustrated Wordless Book – which means I will have to have a lot crammed in my head.    CEF lessons take all the parallel passages together when you tell a narrative, so there is a lot of page flipping  when you prepare, never fun if your Bible has thin pages.

I usually (try) to make outlines to keep myself organized.  As I was starting off my prep – I remembered DH mentioning that the ESV lets you copy text on-line.  So I’ve been compiling copies of the sections I need in a word processor so I can print them out for my binder of outlines.  This should make my studies easier, and if they are easier, maybe I won’t procrastinate on doing them!

I do own a few copies of the ESV, and since I’m not distributing them to other people, I’m sure it’s fair use.

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