Some Days Call for a Journalling Prompt

All that’s on my mind is my chipped tooth about to be ground smooth at the dentist at 10:10AM (so glad they fit me in quickly!) Christina at Home Spun Juggling got tagged this week, then posted some questions of her own.  It’s nice to have something to think about besides my teeth!

1. Can you describe yourself in six words?

creative, forgetful, loyal, hot-tempered, practical, ditsy.

2. What is your favorite place to go with the kids?

The park next to the library – if it’s raining, we get more books!

3. What is a hobby or interest you have?

Too many: I get into one and feel like I’m neglecting the others, it’s hard to tell them; “Hey, you are supposed to entertain and enrich ME, not the other way around!” I homeschoool, blog, knit, sew, read, scrapbook, watch costume dramas from the library while rubbing headaches away from my husband (he says he’d watch a blue screen if I rubbed his head). Teach at Sunday School and Co-op,

4. What kinds of books do you like to read?

mmm, like to read or actually read?  Sometimes when I start reading because it’s good for me, I enjoy it and look up to see DH is home from work and it’s going to be a pancakes for supper night because I thought it was still 4PM!  But I can get lost in a fun read too.

Child Development books, how to homeschool books, cook books, knitting patterns, science fiction (usually light stuff, could be a historical novel with isolated tribes meeting explorers, only they are in space) historical novels, mysteries, essays, theology (not usually heavier than CS Lewis, though I mean to get deeper) what my kids want to read, just in case I need to ask them to wait, bring up a discussion point or nix it – that’s selection, not banning by the way, other kid’s parents can OK the book for them – and whatever we are reading aloud for school and bedtime – my kids tend to read independently a bit ‘late’.

5. Line up your M&M’s/Skittles/other treat by color, or eat them straight out of the bag?

Out of the bag.

6. You win free plane tickets to anywhere in the world. Where do you go?

Back to Guanghou with the rest of the family, to show them the sites and flavors from my big trip, I’d bring my friend and her family too while I was at it, since this is all pretend!

7. What is the best thing about your spouse?

His kindness under stress.

8. When did you last laugh until you cried?

While trying to read “To Say Nothing of the Dog” aloud to DH.

Only and hour and 40 minutes until I can stop telling my tongue to quit feeling the rough spot!

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