To Do, to do

This is the planned in bit of a week to plan the next chunk of homeschool and catch up on appointments and holidays things. So kitchen table work has been cut down to re-hearsing the stuff that must be maintained, flute practice for B, “no, you can’t have everything you want even if you do say please,” for K,  and reading for M.

It has been wonderful.

Not that I didn’t do all this stuff other years, but by not naming it “the planned in week to plan and catch up.” I felt guilty that I couldn’t get it all in during the smidges of time between kitchen table lessons.  There is no point in false guilt over working a lot and not finding it “fun and easy.”  For me, things become fun and easy if I admit that they might not be fun and easy, then plan for it (and pay loud happy music).  Fun is really a hard task master for me – go figure!

So today:

Put away the laundry

VACUUM  (I need the artificial peace that vacuuming produces)

Finish Baking

Finish organizing the next 1/6 of this year in the notebook – this is my take on doing it for the year.  I get too discouraged with assignments on a date, but a chunk of a year I can do, it the assignments can float a little.  That way if they are all done by a certain time I can feel good, but if they got done on different days, I don’t feel bad.  I only need to 3-hole-punch and put away the Living Math Activity sheets, and B’s weekly assignment cards.

Download MP3s from Whits, if the boys have enough allowance money

Get M and K outside, they missed it with dentist appointments and shopping this week.

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