The Fickle Knight and the Lego Tray

I was filing blog carnival posts into Tuesday’s collection (have you submitted your post yet?) and listening to the guys play Carcasonne in the kitchen.  B received the catapult expansion for his birthday, and M loves the randomness it adds.  We had a bit of a controversy over the “seduce,” token.  Call it recruit?  They eventually settled on “the Love Bomb.”  Issy-kissy stuff is looked down upon around here (so far!)

I heard lots of laughter as one knight in the game changed allegiance 3 times.  They named him the Fickle Knight.

At bedtime, DH reminded B to begin reading us our New Testament chapter, when the jingle of Lego overhead explained why he hadn’t just picked up his part of the evening’s read aloud when I finished the Anne of Avonlea chapter.

“B, you didn’t just fill up your bunk with a Lego tray 10 minutes before light’s out did  you?”

“Umm, maybe.” was the answer.

DH bumped his bedframe, more jingles.  Lots of laughter.

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