Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Thanks for playing with my kids, buying them books, and pretty clothes, and making Sunday dinners for the last 12 years.

For always being up for a game (even if it was a spelling one.)

For loving to climb rocks and hike with us, go on field trips, and occassionally babysit.

Thanks for demanding that my principal assign me to a second grade class that taught reading with phonics, for making arithmetic flash cards, and reading me the Chronicles of Narnia, even when Dad read the alternate chapters and you lost track of the plot.

Thanks for reading the Bible with me every night that I lived at home, and discussing my day with me.  Thanks for bringing me to church ever Sunday.

Thanks for loving Dad so much, and caring for him in his last illness.

I’m really proud of your volunteering with ESL, the deaconesses, teaching Jr Church, and organizing the Family Fun Fair (I know I’m missing something.)  You do a great job at your work too.

I love you.


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