Coffee and fog

At 1:54AM K kicked off her blankets.  I tucked her in again, she wailed, “But I want my Dora blanket!”

“This is your Dora Blanket.”

no response, immediately soothed, she fell asleep.

At 3:37AM K woke afraid that the neighbors would soon be making noise as they went to work.  The boys had asked that she NOT play cds of music (all night) and she began to wail.  Waking the boys.  And probably the neighbors.

At 5:23 she wound up in my bed, then wiggled in a way that put a lot of pressure on my throat and mid section.

The robins are singing, the sky is very misty, I think I’ll make some coffee.  Only the right sleeve left to go today! B read “The ballad of Sir Dinadan” to me and Dan last night and I finished the back.

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